Detroit Teachers Store | Teacher Supply Store in Detroit Michigan
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About The Founder

Hello Detroit! My name is Ingrid Macon, a math teacher with 7 years of experience in Detroit. As a teacher, I’ve struggled to get the educational resources my scholars need under one roof. You know… the gadgets, science kits, posters, and intellectual goodies that make learning accessible, tangible, and fun! I know that parents struggle with this issue as well.


I’m also an educational entrepreneur. In 2015 I started my own math games company, Math Expansion! I have had phenomenal success at educational fairs and selling outside the trunk of my car. However, my products are not available in any store because of the red tape that comes with whole selling to a major chain or even a local teachers’ store.


I decided to change this narrative by opening The Detroit Teachers’ Store! Coming soon to a community near you!

About The Detroit Teachers’ Store

Why the DTS?

Scholars need the opportunity to explore their interests in fun and interesting ways that are hands-on, minds-on.


Coming soon to a community near you!

Our Three Fold Mission


Empower teachers, parents, community members and, most importantly, scholars through educational resources available in their local community.

Facilitate 0%

Facilitate educational entrepreneurship through idea generation, product creation, marketing, advertising, and profitability. 


Transform Detroit into a k-16 educational hub and a remarkable turn around story through improving the educational path of youth in Detroit who will then sustain their own communities. 

Contact Us

Location: Detroit, MI– Coming soon to a community near you!
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